Life Unhampered

You've Got Better Things To Do Than Laundry

How it Works

Schedule a Pickup

Fill the Clo-Totes or Clo-Bags with dirty laundry or dry cleaning and confirm your pickup. We'll collect them on your area's laundry day.

Laundry Day, Done.

Sit back and relax. Your clean laundry delivered in 2 days, guaranteed.

Why Cloto?

Do you dream of not having to lug hampers up and down the stairs? Or not having to spend hours washing and drying load after load? Do you dream of the laundry folding itself instead of piling up on the bed? Do you wish your comforters could fit in your home washer? Wish you didn’t have to lug your stuff to the laundromat? Would you like an easy way to reduce waste and go green? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, then you know why Cloto is perfect for you. Reclaim your time for the more important things in life – a life unhampered with Cloto.

Save Time

The average household spends nearly 20 hours a month doing laundry. Choose life over laundry and let us lighten your load!​

Safe for your Family

We make it easy to go green by using eco-friendly solutions free of all the harsh ingredients. No sulphates, phosphates, optical brighteners, or scents – just clean clothes.

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