Changing the way we think laundry

The current way of doing laundry in our homes - the way in which we care for and clean our garments - is outdated. By offering a sustainable alternative, we can begin to reduce energy, water, and chemical waste. Better detergents, less water, and less waste equals a better community. Together, we can impact change one load at a time.

Reducing Cost

Creating Better Standards

Reducing our Footprint

Uplifting Communities

We're reducing costs for
canadian households.

In the laundry room, the only thing we can tell is how long the wash and dry cycles are. We don’t know anything beyond that. The average Canadian home does 400 loads of laundry per year. Each load has a cost of detergent, gas, and electricity. Not to mention, the cost of the washer and dryer itself. We want to increase awareness about how we tackle our laundry piles and understand the real cost of doing laundry is much greater than a simple dial turn.

Average machine costs $1200-$2000

Average detergent cost $307

Average annual utilities $527

We’re developing new
standards for safe detergents.

Truth is, traditional detergents are more dirty than clean. We want to end the irony of traditional detergents: cleaning garments but hurting the ecosystem. Not only do they hurt our ecosystem with non-biodegradable ingredients - processed from petrochemicals - they impact our health.

farmer with carrot

Our detergents are


By using readily biodegradable ingredients sourced from plants with no sulfates, no phosphates, no scents or dyes, we increase the standards to protect the environment and the consumer. Let's trade in tradition for transparency. Green isn't a punchline for us, it's who we are. To learn more about our cleaning solutions, please email us at

We're making it easier to go green.

Almost 440 kg of CO2e are produced from just 3 loads of laundry. That’s the same footprint as flying from Toronto to Montreal and back, including the taxi rides! That footprint contributes to rising sea levels, global temperatures, and resource depletion for our crops and livestock. Our subscription-based service allows you to reduce that footprint. Our process only utilizes HE extractors, HE gas-based dryers, and certified green formulations to ensure we steward our planet with more sustainable solutions and reduce unnecessary waste.

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Annually, a household’s water consumption for laundry is a lifetime of drinking water for 12 people!

We’re making giving really useful.

We over-buy, over-wash, and over-trash. We want to end that cycle. We want to create a system of recycling that uplifts our communities. We're building features into our mobile application that will allow you to share an extra wash tote with a community member in need or donate unneeded garments to those who are under-clothed.

This simple yet transparent process ensures for-profit recyclers aren’t scooping up our clothing donation bins. Sharing and giving is not for profit - it’s to make a difference. Let’s lean in together to make a difference.